Collection Piece Insurance, also known as Fine Art Insurance in the insurance market, is a type of all-risk policy that insures your collectibles with earthquake, fire, flood, transportation, accidental breakage and many additional guarantees.

Complementary health insurance has been put into practice in order to cover the treatment costs that are not paid by the SSI (Social Security Institution) or are above the limits. People between the ages of 0-65 can benefit from the Complementary Health Insurance.

Unlike Traffic Insurance it is a type of insurance that is taken in line with the demands of automobile owners. In addition, while the Traffic Insurance covers only the damages of third parties, the Comprehensive Motor Own Damage Insurance covers the damages to the insured herself/himself or her/him vehicle.

It covers all material and physical recovery processes that may occur in the vehicle of the insured or the insured herself/himself as a result of an accident. Comprehensive motor own damage insurance policy contract period is one year. If the policy is not renewed after the expiry of the insurance policy, the insured cannot benefit from the coverage provided by the insurance policy.

Travel Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers your various needs that you may need during your travel, with many additional coverages such as the treatment expenses that may occur due to illness or accident during your travel, the loss of luggage, the delivery of necessary medicines etc.

Health Insurance for Foreigners is an insurance that allows foreign nationals residing in our country to benefit from our privileged health services and is compulsory for foreigners' residence applications.

Housing Insurance is a type of insurance that insures the material damages that will occur in case of the realization of one of the risks specified in the policy for the buildings used as residences and the goods inside.

It is an insurance that compensates the material damages that may occur in the houses during and after the earthquake up to the insurance amount specified in the policy.

With the My Deposit is Safe Surety Insurance, the damages that the lessor may suffer due to the failure of the Individual/Commercial insured, who are the lessee, to fulfill their obligations arising from the lease agreement, are covered. “My Deposit is Safe Surety Insurance” is a guarantee for property owners that damages will be compensated if the lessee does not fulfill the requirements of the lease agreement.

For the lessee, the related insurance type aims to relieve the lessee from the burden of the deposit guarantee, as well as some additional costs of the real estate. While the lessor (property owner) gets the security s/he needs with the surety bond that provides a guarantee equal to the deposit amount agreed by the lessee and the lessor, the lessee fulfills his/her obligation by paying the policy premium of a much lower amount instead of paying the entire deposit in cash.

In case of sudden and unexpected injury or disability of a person as a result of an accident in daily life, Personal Accident Insurance covers medical expenses, financial losses in case of partial or complete disability, and provides financial support to relatives in case of death.

According to the General Conditions of Personal Accident Insurance, incidents such as gas poisoning, traffic accident, falling, burning, snake and insect bites are also accepted as accidents.